Why “Skills Of The Future”?

It is no “news” by now that we live in a Volatile, Unpredictable, Complex and Ambiguous world, in which technology has a disruptive impact on most of the legacy businesses. In this dynamic, exponentially changing world the traditional business models and the core competencies supporting these models quickly become obsolete, unfit for the new realities. Economy 4.0 requires new capabilities, in domains that are quite young – e few years old – and the demand of these skills grows with the same pace – or even faster – than the speed of the technology-driven change.

As such, finding the right talent became one of the most difficult challenges of today for many businesses, regardless of the industry they operate in. HR departments are throwing in the battle their best new tools and approaches, defining new Employee Value Propositions and Corporate Purposes, increasing the quality of the working lifetime or its employees’ work-life balance. Emotional welfare is fueled by Emotional Intelligence, Positive Psychology and other personal development workshops & programs while new type of benefits addressing the emotional selves are added to the Corporate Packages.

Yet candidates with the right digital competencies in the area of Data Science & Data Analytics, Robotic Process Automation or Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms and/or Virtual Reality (to name just a few of the new fields of play) are rare and more in demand for this new type of future-ready, digital organizations. Identifying and retaining such talent became rather an issue of long-term competitiveness and survival rather than fancy talks and corporate events fire-chats.

You need not only to understand the new generation of workforce – a.k.a Millenials, Z Generation, etc – and how the consumer behaviors and expectations have changed under the impact of the new technology-based products and services but also redefine your business and operational models, align those to your Massive Transformative Purpose and drive change in spite of your Immune Organizational Systems resisting the change. Also, designing such new type of ExO organizations and defining their external and internal attributes requires a sound understanding of the new paradigms, the driving forces and exponential technologies disrupting your industry [1].

As such, we decided to build up the Skills Of The Future platform, a community enabler that unites future-ready professionals and facilitates both digital transformation of the legacy businesses and design of new, ExO organizations ready for the Digital Economy.

Should you want to assess the potential to engage any of our community members in a meaningful business conversation please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to facilitate access to some of the brightest digital talents available today in Romania.

[1] See Exponential Organizations by Salim Ismail, Yuri van Geest and Michael S. Malone; foreword and afterword by Peter H. Diamandis

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