Technology is our passion

We are fascinated about technology and its power of changing our lives for the better. This is what drives us relentlessly in our search to serve the community and innovate toward solving grand challenges of our society.

And times have never been more abundant in opportunities for technology-enabled business transformation: Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is maturing rapidly, also starting to deliver on its promise for Intelligent Automation that includes Artificial Intelligence algorithms and Cognitive processing. Sensors are ubiquitous due to their low cost of access, helping us to collect and fuel Data Analytics with real time information.

In combination with ubiquitous connectivity & mobility, and the cloud and the affordability of high volume storage and processing power, these sensors enable us to SMART-up almost everything, from homes to cities generating the so-called Internet of (every)Things.

We enable future-ready business transformation

For each of our customers we use the right technologies that can transform and fit their business for the future – the many possible versions of it!

By engaging in foresight exercises or strategy definition workshops we discover together with our clients the forces driving change in several industries, the relevant technologies and the synergistic effects of the changes happening in each ecosystem, potentially disrupting even the most mature and profitable businesses.

We also provide support to our clients in adapting their business models to the VUCA, exponential world we live in:

  • designing and building digital platforms that connect the clients, the partners and/or suppliers to new value propositions in entirely new digital ecosystems;
  • adopting intelligent automation – including Robotic Process Automation (RPA) or Artificial Intelligence (AI) – that increase operational efficiency;
  • executing digital marketing campaigns that connect the new or more traditional businesses to their digital-native customer segments;
  • protecting digital infrastructures from cyber attacks and identifying early on service vulnerabilities.

The design thinking workshops we organize for our clients help them co-create products and services together with their customers, thus speeding up product-market validation and rapidly scaling the business due to the excellent product fit with the clients’ needs and expectations.

Should you like to address your business challenges together with one of the subject matter experts in our community, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to engage with you in a relevant conversation about any of the above topics.