Sandra Jitianu

Management consultant and trainer with Human Resources and Change Management background, project management experience and +14 years project implementation experience in retail, manufacturing, financial services, oil&gas, utilities. Exposure to multicultural environments. Excellent speaker of English and German and fluent in French.

Listed below are some of the most representatives projects delivered by Sandra:

Project management: post-merger integration (food industry, 2018), project management for business events (Romania Insider Awards 2018 & 2019), Executive Learning Breakfast (2019) + all HR assignments mentioned below

Performance management; compensation & benefits systems: Implementation of a new performance management system (engineering company, 2015); Review of the compensation & benefits strategy (manufacturing, 2010); Defining the salary grid and design of a variable pay system (retail, 2017)

Change and Transition Management; GBS/Shared Service Center setup: Communications and change management for the implementation of strategic initiatives (retail, 2018); Functional lead for the knowledge capturing of HR processes in the context of a GBS center set-up (industrial manufacturing, Switzerland and Spain 2016); Change management, communication & mobilization for ERP system implementation (production & distribution company, 2015); Organization Design and Change Lead for the implementation of a global delivery center (food & beverage, 2014); Change management and communication during post-merger integration (food manufacturing, 2018, financial institution, 2009); Assistance for the knowledge capturing Design and execution of communications strategy for SAP PM implementation (oil & gas, 2006-2007)

Business Process Redesign: Redesign of the HR processes (central bank, 2013); Analysis and recommendations regarding the HR processes as part of a commercial function redesign mission (utilities company, 2008)

Reorganization and restructuring: Target operating model of the Finance function (insurance, 2016); Target operating model for the Logistics department (automotive, 2016), Company restructuring in the context of cash-flow problems (retail, 2009); Assistance for the reorganization of the company (utilities, 2007-2008)

HR function analysis and redesign: HR function analysis & recommendations (manufacturing, 2015); HR function analysis and recommendations (retail, 2014); HR and organization analysis and redesign, organization culture analysis (central bank, 2013); HR function analysis and recommendations (pharma, 2008-2009)

Organisational culture diagnosis: Organisational culture diagnosis for post-merger integration of two DIY companies (2015); Organisational culture diagnosis and transformation plan (retail, 2014); Organisational culture analysis (central bank, 2014); Employee engagement survey and calculation of the employee net promoter score (IT appliances distributor, 2013); Qualitative and quantitative analysis of organization culture, restitution workshop (UN organization, 2010)

Competency evaluation; training design and delivery: Growth Mindset workshops for school teachers (2019), Leadership development program (retail, 2016 and utilities, 2015-2016); Management development program for the directors of a ministry (project funded by the European Investment Bank, 2015); Communications and business writing training for the maintenance team (manufacturing company, 2007; global sea transportation company, 2014); Assessment center, development plan and training (engineering, 2012-2013); Training stream lead for core banking key user training, workshop design and facilitation (financial institution, 2009). Trainer at the Entrepreneurship Academy

Sales performance improvement: Diagnosis of sales practices & improvement consulting (professional services: accounting & law firms, 2017-2018)

Executive coaching for clients from manufacturing, transportation (2018-2019), professional services (2017), utilities (2016).
Coach in the Homeward Bound international program (2019)
Mentor in the Inspired Women Lead international program (2018)


#Keywords: Growth Mindset Expert: HR function analysis and transformation, organization redesign, performance management, employee assessment, business process redesign, change management, communication, training, performance coaching.