Ana Maria Gergely

A practitioner with tens of thousands of hours in general and commercial management, Ana Maria combines her extensive hands-on experience with academic knowledge into the management and sales workshops and business simulations she facilitates, the Wizard of Words© workshops and individual and team coaching, and consultancy projects. She is also involded in the world of technology startups. 

Throughout the course of her corporate career, Ana Maria Gergely directly led over 1,000 people in generating more than 500M$, and managed sales and marketing operations in 85 countries. 

Ana Maria has built a strong expertise in B2B commercial and general management in 20 years of local and international roles in multinational companies in technology, telecommunications and production. 

She led and guided teams in delivering growth, profitability and also navigated changes, downturns and restructurings.

The IT and Mathematics background enables Ana Maria’s keen eye for process, automation, for solving problems and finding the faster, more efficient ways when business presents challenges. She created and drove the execution of tens of business and change plans and strategies, and led the design and implementation of automation tools. 

Ana Maria brings that knowledge and experience in her clients’ projects related to growth, efficiency and innovation. 

Wizard of Words© is a series of 6 workshops that empower people in business and give them the skills and tools to speak and lead with purpose, meaning and impact and to contribute to enhancing the quality and raising the level of their interactions, from the day-to-day office gatherings, to customer meetings and the business events they get the chance to speak at. 

Through the Wizard of Words© workshops and individual and team coaching, Ana Maria shares the knowledge and experience accummulated in thousands of business meetings and negotiations, hundreds of presentations attended, created and delivered, and the academic study of psychology applied in work settings. 

Ana Maria is involved in the start-up world, where technology combines with creativity, innovation and business accumen. She contributes to Techstarts Startup Weekend Bucharest as mentor and co-founded Acquainted, an IT startup that created a software suite for contacts exchange and management.