Adrian Furtuna

Having more than 10 years of experience in the cyber security field, Adrian has a strong overview of the local and international cyber security landscape. Before founding (an online platform for penetration testing and vulnerability assessment), he has worked multiple years as a penetration tester, security engineer and developer. He enjoys building and breaking stuff, and also teaching others on how to do it.

I am a passionate IT security engineer who enjoys building and breaking stuff. Penetration testing is always a challenging activity for me. Every project has a puzzle to solve, every system has its weakness that waits to be discovered and exploited. Always following the ‘rules of engagement’, of course.

I am interested and experienced in: penetration testing, ethical hacking, security assessment, finding software security flaws and investigating security incidents.

I love programming for fun in any language that gets the job done more efficiently. For a list of my public tools please see:”

– penetration testing, ethical hacking, security assessment
– programming: C/C++, Python, Perl, JavaScript
– network configuration
– Linux/Windows administration
– leader capabilities, very good communication skills

I also like to present my findings at security conferences such as, ZeroNights, Hacktivity, DefCamp, OWASP, Hacknet, etc.