(Re/Up) Skilling Training

Reskilling and upskilling your employees is part of a continual development journey, a critical factor for the business survival in a world that changes  exponentially. In this dynamic world the traditional business models and the core competencies supporting these models quickly become obsolete, unfit for the new realities. On top of this, technology has a disruptive impact on most of the legacy businesses. Economy 4.0 requires new capabilities, in domains that are quite young – e few years old – and the demand for these skills grows with the same pace – or even faster – than the speed of the technology-driven change.

Our community members have long-standing experience both in their specific area of competence and the development of successful and functional teams. They can transfer their knowledge to you and your teams in a few ways according to your needs and preferences: we can provide guidance on building new skill-set requirements or set up an instructor-led, on-site training tailored to your specific business needs that can develop these new skills in both technical and people development areas.

Robotic Process Automation, Intelligent Automation using Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Data Analytics, Blockchain may seem just buzzwords to you, but they will impact your business ecosystem sooner than you expect! Get ready for the future of your industry!