Times have never been more abundant in opportunities for technology-enabled business transformation: sensors are embedded in everything due to their low cost of access, helping us to collect and fuel data analytics with real time information. In combination with ubiquitous connectivity & mobility, and the cloud, as well as the affordability of high-volume storage and processing power, these sensors enable us to SMART-en up almost everything, from homes to cities generating the so-called Internet of (every) Things. Innovation and adopting new business models and technologies like e.g. Intelligent Automation seem to be the answers to this high speed of change and heavy digitalization, the ones that can help companies preserve competitiveness and avoid being disrupted.

“2021 Digital Survival Guide” is a guide for those who need to survive in a world full of changes, uncertainties and massive digitalization, in times when you either adapt fast or die.

We examine the elements of a future-ready business model, one that is using the right technologies to enable an efficient and effective operating model, a business that meets the changing stakeholders’ needs and expectations.